SBIA   Fitness Video Series






1.High knees

1st video


“Hi, for this lesson were going to be using a ladder, to help improve our movement on the court with any sports.  It consists of three activities. 

First, you’re going to go from start to finish running normally, but using high knees as you go.

Second, we are going to be shuffling with our left foot forward all the way down. 

Third, were going to do the same shuffle, but with our right foot forward. 

Please follow along at home


First, high knees.

Second, shuffle left.

Third, shuffle right.

2.Bear walk

2nd Video


Hi, for this exercise we’re going to be using our ladder, our hands, and our feet.  This is very good core training.  We call it the bear walk. 

First, you’re going to walk on all fours down.  Making sure your left foot and right hand, and your left hand and right foot stay coordinated. 

Second, we’re going to be side stepping all the way down to our left side. 

And third we’re going to be side stepping all the way down to our right side. 

This will make a very powerful core, for any sport.



Second, the side step

Third, right side step