The idea of Bragrance

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"Sports" and "Education"


Thinking about this balance is very important in getting children to teach.


"Sports" is also "education".

Through sports, thinking about what is best for children to learn and how,

It is our responsibility to teach.


To increase exercise capacity, to be good at exercise

It is a premise to acquire manners and cooperativeness through sports.


The aim is "children will be active in various fields all over the world in the future".


Think, act, reflect on, and challenge yourself to produce results.

If you hit the wall, you question the behavior of yourself, ask questions or speak, organize your mind.


To that end, I would like to say my opinion confidently,

It is necessary to communicate while accepting the opinion of the other party.

While accepting ideas beyond your imagination,

I will be able to give ideas beyond the imagination of others as well.


For that reason there is a need for communication with overseas people who can not understand words

I think that it may come out.


While preparing such various situations and environments through sports,

I think that it is the mission of Bregruns to prepare a place of growth for children.


For that reason, we also do not want to be bound by our common sense, while cooperating with people from various fields,

We would like to develop services beyond our imagination.

Toward the Tokyo Olympic Games

What you expect from the Tokyo Olympic Games is that you can make children feel more familiar and customs around the world.


To that end, make the situation that children are working on sports first and prepare to enjoy the Olympic Games like their own.


To prepare a positive attitude and words to communicate equally with children of the same generation of each country.


And I think that it is very important to acquire the curiosity that is interested in the ideas and customs of each country and the diversity that accepts the other party.


Through this Olympics, I am interested in children abroad, thinking about studying abroad in studying and sports, having an interest in the history of the world, more aware of the goodness of Japan, liking Japan, I hope to be interested in history and to think about the future of Japan.


We are waiting for contact from sports companies, sports teams and sports organizations that can interact with our company.

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